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This document is Work In Progress

The Spring 2015 release of Umbraco as a Service features a new deployment engine based on feedback from customers over the beta period.

Where the original deployment engine stored both meta data (types, templates, etc) and content (Document and Media) in a git repository and used the portal to handle all deployments, the new deployment engine separates the two:

  1. Meta data such as Document Types, Templates, Macros, Views and files are still stored in a git repository and are deployed between environments using either a git client or the portal.
  2. Document and Media items are no longer stored in the git repository, but can be deployed directly from the Umbraco back office using either the "Publish on Dev/Staging/Live" button for deploying a single item or the "Queue Deployment" option in the Action menu for making a collection of items to deploy at once.

If you create a project from May 2015, it'll already be using the new deployment engine, but if you wish to move an existing project to the new engine this can be done from the "Project Details" menu on your project. Simply choose "Change Deployment Method" and follow the instructions.

More details to come (obviously)

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