How do I become a Certified or Gold Partner?

To become a Certified Partner, you simply need to have at least two developers and a total of 4 certifications. Certifications are obtained by attending our certification courses that are held regularly around the world. 
At this time, these are the only opportunities to become a Certified Partner. We do not offer online certifications because a large part of the classes is community work and having an Umbraco specialist there to answer any questions. 


To become a Gold Partner you need to meet the requirements for Certified Partners, have a strong Umbraco track record and a commitment to supporting the Umbraco core and community with your 10.000 EUR annual subscription.  In return, you get a much higher profile, unlimited product licenses, and access to the core team for support and advice.  Read more about the partner program and how to become a Gold Partner here.



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